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Video Analysis at Toronto Sports Medicine Centres

Athlete's Care offers digital video analysis to aid in the overall management of both injured and uninjured clients.

A number of injuries (acute or overuse) and pain syndromes arise as a result of poor technique, or adverse posture and movement patterns. Similarly, clients who have undergone surgery also display altered movement patterns, which need to be addressed as part of the rehabilitation program. We can identify this through the use of video motion analysis.

By taking both static and dynamic digital video recordings we are able to perform a more detailed analysis of the patient's posture and movement patterns. We are able to study the action over and over again, and slow it down to detect any subtle changes. The detailed analysis that is obtained through video motion analysis, when used in conjunction with a thorough clinical examination enables the clinician to be more precise when diagnosing the underlying cause of the pain or injury. A more detailed understanding of the diagnosis aids in the implementation of a patient specific treatment program.

In the sporting environment video analysis has additional benefits. It can be used to assess and guide the modification of sporting technique, with the aim of improving performance and preventing injury. For example, a golfer who doesn't use the rotation available at the hip joints will over stress the spine, and over the long term may develop back pain. This can readily be seen when the swing is video captured, slowed down, and analysed. The Athlete's Care team can then liaise with the client's coach with regard to technique correction and ultimately this would lead to improved performance and a pain free career!
Sample Uses of Video Analysis:
  • Golf Swing Analysis
  • Running Technique Analysis
  • Foot Biomechanics Assessment
  • Pitching Analysis
  • Cycling/Bike Fit Analysis