Sports Medicine Physician/Physiatrist in   - DR. CHRIS WOOLLAM


MD, Dip Sport Med
Sports Medicine Physician

Location: KING & YONGE


Dr. Chris Woollam is a graduate of the University of Ottawa medical school. After spending 3 years in Canada's military as a flight surgeon, he spent many years in family practice. He entered into a sports practice in 1988 and completed his Diploma of Sport Medicine with the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine in 1990. An avid athlete all his life, Dr. Woollam has taken on several "extra-curricular" responsibilities. He is team physician to the Mississauga St. Michael's Majors as well as Medical Director to both the Toronto Marathon and the Mississauga Marathon. Dr. Woollam's special interests are biomechanics of the lower extremities and orthotic management. Dr. Woollam is part of the teaching program for the University of Toronto Sports Medicine Fellowship as well as the Family Practice Resident teaching in Toronto.