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We are excited to announce that our Yorkville location has moved!
On Monday January 22nd doors will open at its new location, 162 Cumberland Street, Suite 222. 

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Sports Medicine in Toronto

Sports Medicine

Our downtown Toronto Sports Medicine Physicians and Physiatrists are experts in the area of musculoskeletal and sport related injuries. They have years of experience with clinical practice and have provided medical coverage for Toronto sports teams and at numerous sporting events

Physiotherapy in Toronto


Leaders in the field of physiotherapy, our downtown Toronto physiotherapists specialize in the assessment, treatment and prevention of sport, recreational and everyday injuries. Our highly trained physiotherapy providers believe in a dynamic, active approach to rehabilitation.

Massage Therapy in Toronto

Massage Therapy

The team of massage therapists in downtown Toronto and surrounding areas are regulated healthcare professionals. They are experienced massage therapy providers who use a variety of techniques to customize a treatment plan that best suites their client's needs.

Chiropractic in Toronto


Our Toronto Chiropractors employ an integrated approach to assess and manage soft tissue injuries. They are teachers and mentors in the field of chiropractic care and have years of experience treating professional athletes, performing artists and daily aches and pains.

Medical Acupuncture in Toronto

Medical Acupuncture

Medical acupuncture takes a modern and scientific approach to time honoured techniques, using precise methods of stimulating the peripheral nervous system with fine needles for therapeutic purposes. It is an effective treatment for many symptoms such as pain and stiffness and may relieve or even eliminate these symptoms. Many among our team of dedicated Toronto sports medicine professionals are also Medical Acupuncturists, having studied and been certified through a university program.

Custom Bracing in Toronto


Our selection of high quality manufactured or custom made braces can help you function in your everyday life whether you are a professional athlete or everyday office worker. Bracing supports injured or compromised joints and limbs while still allowing a normal range of movement so that you can move confidently and without worry of worsening your condition and/or re-injury. The Toronto Athletescare team may prescribe bracing in conjunction with other treatments such as physiotherapy or massage therapy.

Custom Orthotics in Toronto


Custom orthotics may be recommended by your Toronto sports medicine doctor as an integral part of your treatment where biomechanical issues are affecting your gait and/or other conditions. Foot orthotics help to support the bones and structures of the feet while correcting imbalances and can be made to fit any type of shoe or footwear. Properly constructed, orthotics provide support while cushioning the impact of normal movements.

Osteoarthritis Program in Toronto

Osteoarthritis Program

Our Osteoarthritis Program brings together a team of our Toronto physical therapy specialists under the direction of your consulting sports medicine doctor to devise and implement a comprehensive plan to help you manage your osteoarthritis or OA. We'll help you consider and use a range of options designed to improve and/or maintain mobility and manage pain, including exercise programs, in-depth counselling, physiotherapy and more.

Athlete’s Care has 18 Toronto Sports Medicine Clinics as well as locations in the surrounding areas...visit one near you!

Athlete’s Care has been offering the services of physiotherapy in downtown Toronto since 1997.  In addition to physiotherapy, our service offerings also include massage therapy, chiropractic, sports medicine physician and orthopedic surgeon consultations.  We also provide pilates rehab, medical acupuncture, orthotics, PRP injections, and many other services which may be found on our Services page (link).

The Athlete’s Care team consists of Toronto sports medicine doctors and specialists that have been involved with the care of athletes at the highest levels of competition. Our team of downtown Toronto physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and medical doctors have treated amateur and professional athletes competing locally, nationally, and internationally.  Athlete’s Care practitioners have been involved with the care of athletes at the Olympics, NHL, NBA, MLB, as well as UFC athletes.

Looking for physiotherapy in downtown Toronto or across the GTA, choose Athlete's Care

Not an athlete?  Not a problem!  Our group of medical professionals have treated thousands of patients who have suffered from day to day aches and pains, motor vehicle accident injuries, or work-related injuries.  Our goal is to help get you back in the game of life.

Athlete’s Care is a teaching facility for the Continuing Education Department of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto’s Medical and Physiotherapy programs.  Our 2 locations on campus at York University also have an ongoing role in the care of the Faculty of Fine Arts, in particular the Dance Department.