About Us  Our Purpose

Athlete's Care is a network of sports medicine clinics in Toronto and the surrounding area that specializes in treating sports and orthopaedic injuries.  Our purpose is to provide an exceptional patient experience (i.e. deliver WOW!) on every visit and to create a significant and sustainable improvement in the well being of all of our patients.

Our Values:

Athlete’s Care is committed to:

1.   Excellence in Customer Service at all levels in the organization - we aim to deliver WOW! at every encounter

2.   Teamwork and Interdisciplinary Care

3.   Ongoing Education and Professional development of our team members

4.   Community outreach: We strive to help and improve the communities where we live and operate our clinics

5.   Profitable Growth:  We are committed to sustainable, profitable growth by staying true to our purpose and vision

6.   Respect: We treat our team members, patients, partners, and referral sources with respect and sensitivity

7.   Open Communication: All team members are encouraged to openly share their views and opinions