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Ankle Braces
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epX V-Lock Ankle Brace

  • Low profile fit allows for support in most shoes
  • Rigid "V" stirrup straps provide both lateral and medial stability

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ASO® Ankle Brace
  • Patented "figure 8" straps and elastic cuff provides support in a neutral position
  • Removable rigid stays provide enhanced medial and lateral support

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Aircast Sport-Stirrup®
  • Semi-rigid plastic shells lined with aircell system to provide support and compression
  • Narrower shell than in Air-Stirrup® for less bulk in an athletic shoe

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Aircast AirSport™ Ankle Brace
  • Semi-rigid plastic shells lined with aircell system
  • Features a foot sleeve for extra compression

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Aircast A60™ Ankle Brace
  • Incorporates a stabilizer molded at a 60 degree angle to help guard against ankle sprains

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TriLok Ankle Control System
  • Unique FootLok® strap achieves forefoot control that translates into superior foot pronation control and arch support

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Active Ankle T2 Brace
  • Designed for increased activity levels, allows freedom of motion (dorsi & plantar flexion)
  • One strap wrap-up design


Foot Splints & Braces
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Aircast Walker
  • Low rocker sole promotes more natural ambulation for improved mobility
  • Lightweight, semi-rigid plastic shells with two adjustable distal aircells, to provide compression and stability

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Corflex Night Splint
  • Features polyethylene shell with soft liner and D-ring closure for ease of application and secure fit
  • Constructed of high density rigid shell with replaceable liner                                                                                            

Foot-Drop Brace
  • A lightweight ankle-foot orthrosis that provides dynamic support for drop foot or similar problems
  • Assists in visible gait improvement by providing support the moment the foot is raised

Foot Insoles
  • Custom Orthotics
  • Custom Orthopaedic Shoes/Sandals
  • Sole Arch Supports
  • Sole Platinum Sandals
  • Sorbo Heel Pads
  • Heel Spur Pads
  • Ortho-Active Arch Supports
  • Ortho-Active Metatarsal Insoles