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By Athlete's Care on April 04, 2020

Is this you?

A.  I can't go to the gym and I'm thinking about starting to run outside...
B.  I'm suffering from a nagging running injury but I can't go in to see my physio...
C.  I run regularly but I want to improve my performance...

Virtual Care Physiotherapy


Great news!  We are still here to help!

Book a Virtual Care session with registered physiotherapist and running expert Nate Tsang.  (What is Virtual Care? It's like Facetime but waaaay more informative)

It's fun, interactive, and will get you moving.  It may also be covered by your insurance company.

Book now by emailing or call our Virtual Care Hotline at 647-373-0655

We're Still Here For You

By Athlete's Care on March 21, 2020

In the interest of safety and social responsibility, we are not seeing patients in our clinics but 

We Are Still Here to Help You


Virtual Care

Call our Virtual Care Hotline


Update: Athlete's Care Response COVID-19

By Athlete's Care on March 16, 2020

We've made this difficult, yet well informed decision

Dear Patients & Athlete's Care Team

We have been closely monitoring the public health information related to the development of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) over the last number of days and weeks. It is well documented that transmission of the novel coronavirus is through droplets in breath and contact with infected individuals and surfaces. Toronto Public Health recommendations for social distancing include avoiding shaking hands and non-essential interactions with others.

Despite the cleaning and sanitization procedures that we have implemented at Athlete's Care and the diligence of our team in maintaining a safe workplace for staff, patients and visitors. The team at Athlete's Care believes we must do our part to ensure the well-being of the community.

As a result, as of Tuesday March 17, 2020, Athlete's Care Sports Medicine Centres will be closed to all patients.

We understand that a number of you consider the services we provide as essential services in promoting your physical and mental well-being. We don’t take our role in supporting your health lightly. We will remain closed until Sunday March 22,2020 and at that time provide you with an update as the situation evolves.

We appreciate your support in our effort to deal with the current situation.


Your healthcare team at Athlete's Care Sports Medicine Centres

In honor of International Women’s Day, we wanted to talk about why Pelvic Health Physiotherapy not only can optimize the health of the pelvic region, but help you become stronger and more confident especially in controlling one’s life. Pelvic Health Physiotherapy can help you regain control, maximize function and recovery, and improve your well-being.

In a qualitative study by Engeset J. et al. (2014) that looked at women’s experiences with pelvic girdle pain postpartum, pelvic girdle pain was shown to significantly affect one’s overall quality of life. The inability to meet their own and other’s expectations put a strain on their lives causing distress and frustration. The unfortunate reality is these people question their roles and identities as mothers, partners and professionals in the workforce. Research such as this goes to show how important Pelvic Health Physiotherapy plays a role in empowering women after delivery. Additionally, we now know more than ever that there is a strong link between one’s emotional state and the pelvic floor musculature. For women who have experienced trauma, bladder issues, diastasis recti (“mummy tummy”), or even menopause, the use of Pelvic Health Physiotherapy can help them build self-compassion, and a sense of empowerment. It’s time for us to focus on self-care as more than adding something else to your to-do list; It’s about attuning and responding to our needs and desires in order to foster a new way of being! Let’s change the way we talk about pelvic health! It’s time to show women how powerful their bodies truly are!

Meet the team of physiotherapists at Athlete's Care who provide Pelvic Health treatment. Click to learn more about treatment and how our team can help you!  


Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Engeset J. et al. Pelvic girdle pain affects the whole life—a qualitative interview study in Norway on women’s experiences with pelvic girdle pain after delivery. BMC Res Notes. (2014) 7: 686.