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What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a treatment technique which helps promote the movement of lymphatic fluid out of the swollen limb.  MLD is performed very slowly, very light (for the most part) and following a specific sequence to match the slow pulse of the Lymphatic System. Treatment is not forcing fluid up the chain, it is focused on giving the Lymphatic system a bit of a boost to increase the uptake of lymph.

How does Manual Lymphatic Drainage differ from a general massage?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is not a massage, it is a treatment.  General Swedish Massage addresses the musculoskeletal system, where as Manual Lymphatic Drainage addresses an entirely different system of the body.

What conditions are treated with Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

The Lymphatic System(LS) is our 2nd drainage system which supports venous systems to absorb or remove molecules that are too large or too many to enter the venous system. It protects the body from infection and destroys old or abnormal cells your no longer needs. If there is trauma, damage or dysfunction in the Lymphatic System, this fluid accumulates, resulting in tissue swelling.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage can help with injuries from the following:

  • sprains
  • bruises
  • contusions
  • chronic conditions such as arthritis
  • frozen shoulders
  • hip/ knee replacement
  • tendonitis
  • allergies
  • sinusitis
  • menorrhagia
  • whiplash
  • concussion
  • MS
  • Down Syndrome
  • part of a general wellness routine

How do I book Lymphatic Drainage at Athlete's Care?

At Athlete's Care, Lymphatic Drainage is offered by Registered Massage Therapists with additional certifications in Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  Lymphatic Drainage is offered at these Toronto Athlete's Care locations:

Athlete's Care York Mills & Leslie, with RMT, Becky Yin

Athlete's Care Leaside, with RMT, Becky Yin

Athlete's Care Scarborough, with RMT, Tiffany Lee

Athlete's Care King & Yonge, with RMT, Marguerite Merey

Treatments with a Registered Massage Therapist are offered covered by extended health plans.  We bill directly to most insurance providers, find out if we can bill directly to your plan.