MD, MSc, CCFP(SEM), Dip. Sport Med.

Family Physician, Practicing in Sport & Exercise Medicine

Location: The Beach


Dr. Rosamond (Roz) Lougheed Simpson received her medical degree from the University of Toronto in 2015. She subsequently completed her residency training in Family Medicine at the University of Toronto, before joining the Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic at Western University in London, where she completed a Fellowship in Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Prior to her medical training, she completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours) undergraduate degree majoring in Biology at Queen’s University, and a Master of Science (Neuroscience major) from the McMaster Integrative Neuroscience Discovery and Study program at McMaster University.

Dr. Lougheed Simpson is passionate about exercise as a form of medicine, and incorporates this into her daily practice with patients from all age groups and walks of life. With implications for improved physical fitness, mental health and well being, and reduction and improvement in chronic disease conditions through exercise, her goal is to assist her patients to reach their physical activity goals, whether that involves preparing for elite competition at the highest international level, returning to daily function at home and work, or to recreational activity.

She has provided care for a variety of sports teams, including the Western University Mustangs rugby, wrestling, cross-country running, and women’s ice hockey teams, and at events including the London 2018 Ontario Summer Games, the 2018 FIBA U-18 Basketball Championships, and the London Forest City Road Races.

A self-described 'sports junkie', Dr. Lougheed Simpson strives to stay as involved and informed as possible in numerous sports. She previously competed as a University of Toronto Varsity Blue on the Mountain Bike Team, and continues to race currently. She is an avid endurance athlete, and enjoys exploring the many outdoor trail systems in and around Toronto.