Languages Spoken: English

Naturopathic Doctor

Location: Yonge & Sheppard


Teresa Tsui, ND (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine), is a clinician, educator, and researcher who's practice philosophy is to facilitate patients' optimal quality of life. She has a practice interest in pain management, womens' health conditions, digestive health conditions, and supportive care after cancer. She treated athletes on the field at volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee competitions across Ontario as part of the Sports Medicine team at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM). 

Teresa focuses on using acupuncture and Asian Medicine, botanical / herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, and supplementation in her practice. Many of her patients also see her to improve the following conditions: allergies,
cardiovascular (high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes), skin, mood (depression, anxiety), and stress.
She is a Clinic Supervisor and Academic Instructor at the CCNM. At the University of Toronto (U of T), she lectures undergraduate students, inter-professional education students, and clinician practitioners on natural health

In addition to her ND and Clinic Residency from the CCNM, Teresa also received her BSc(Hon) in Pharmacology with Psychology, and MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences (natural health product decision making), both from the U of T. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences to develop a new quality of life preference-based questionnaire in breast cancer.

Teresa is recipient of the American Specialty Health scholarship in Naturopathic Medicine, University of Toronto Scholar, and Advanced Certificate in piano performance from the Trinity College, London.  She volunteers on the board of directors of the Canadian Chapter of the International Society of Complementary Medicine Research.

In her spare time, Teresa enjoys practising mindfulness, yoga, qi gong, and working out at the gym. She is a former paddler on an award-winning Dragonboat team.