Registered Massage Therapist

Location: Adelaide & York


Krystle is a 2015 graduate of Kikkawa College and a current member of the College of Massage Therapy of Ontario. Her massages can be described as therapeutic based, while incorporating passive movement throughout, to maintain a relaxing state. She enjoys working with injuries and everyday posture concerns, which impacts us all, no matter our setting. She has worked in several settings and really enjoys providing therapeutic based treatments. Not only does she want to treat the clients complaints, she wants to address the root of the problem, to provide the most optimal treatment. Most importantly she listens to her clients needs and goals for their massage, and provides a treatment to fit those needs. Her ultimate goal is to leave you with smile and sense of relief, and know that she provided you a treatment of the utmost care and respect.

Krystle's treatments are based around pain relief, but she is trained with many techniques like Swedish based, deep tissue, tripper point release, facial restrictions. She is able to execute a massage to fit all clients needs. She enjoys educating her clients about the body and what she does professionally to better understand their own needs. She continues to learn by way of her own body and health to continue to better understand our daily aches and pains. She looks forward to continuing to study and learn about massage, always to be able to provide the best treatment for her clients.