Registered Massage Therapist

Location: Vaughan


As a long time athlete Thomas always saw Massage Therapists as the best source for healing acute sports injuries. For this reason He is active in the Barrie sports community working closely as a Hockey Canada Level 2 trainer with Barrie AAA colts, and a trainer with the Barrie Baycats IBL baseball team.
As an active member of the CSMTA (Canadian Sports Massage Therapy Association) Thomas is looking to build his portfolio and continue working in the field, on the sideline of sporting events.

During an outreach at school Thomas had a very strong experience with a chronic pain patient. The patient reported feeling constant pain all day, and never getting real sleep because of the pain. During a 1 hour treatment the patient fell into a deep sleep. The next week the patient reported getting home and sleeping for 12 straight hours. This is where Thomas really learned the power of touch.

Practitioner's Philosophy
Touch has the power to heal. There is a reason why without thinking a person’s immediate reaction is to touch a pain they feel in their body. This is a natural response from the brain for one simple reason. The sense of touch to the brain is faster than the sense of pain. I believe that manual therapy in the form of massage is the best form of active rehabilitation for both pain and overall well-being.