Sports Medicine Physician/Physiatrist in   - LOTUS CHAN, RMT


Registered Massage Therapist

Location: N/A


Lotus graduated from Candian College Massage & Hydrotherapy in 2004 and has practised in various settings from clinic, Corporate massage, spas and mobile massage. Her passion stems from her journey to well-being, where she shares with others the alternatives for maintaining and improving well-being and preventing injuries. Her extended skill set includes but not limited to treatments for the following conditions: TMJ (jaw dysfunctions), Sinus Headaches, injury, surgeries, scar tissue work, menstrual and digestive conditions.

Lotus has studied extensively in a variety of courses and workshops including but not limited to treatments for TMJ dysfunctions, Headaches & sinus issues,Thai massage,Pregnancy & surgeries, Pediatric Massage Therapy, Infant Massage Instructor, Advanced training in working with children with ASD, Mediation, Visualization, Breath Work, Reiki, Qigong, Chakras, Energy healing modalities & more. She utilizes her skill set to create the most effective and beneficial treatment for further enjoyment of the activities you love in life.