Languages Spoken: English

Functional Integrated Therapy
Active Release Techniques
Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

Location: The BeachYonge & Eglinton


Dr. Pinto is a Chiropractor as well as an Active Release Techniques (ART)® and Medical Acupuncture Provider. She graduated from the University of Western Ontario with an honours degree in Physiology and Psychology and from there went to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, graduating in 2012.

Dr. Pinto follows the Functional Integrated Therapy (FIT) approach when treating her patients, and incorporates a variety of techniques such as Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, joint manipulation, ART®, Graston techniques and kinesiotaping techniques. She acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual and their injury, and guides her therapy likewise. Her goals are to decrease pain, maximize function and increase the overall wellbeing of her patients.

In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Kharkar is a Running Coach for the Running Room, a Health and Fitness writer for two online publications: the Arthritis Society of Canada, and Suhaag magazine.

"Over the years, I have had nagging knee & hip pains due to injuries that I sustained during my youth. After going thru numerous spe­cial­ists, x-rays, and MRI’s, I finally asked a friend of mine who works closely with many professional athletes for advice. His rec­om­men­da­tion…go to Athlete’s Care! I began seeing chi­ro­prac­tor Amrita Kharkar in the summer of 2013. Through the use of chi­ro­prac­tic tech­niques, including Active Release Tech­niques & Acupunc­ture, I can honestly say that I have def­i­nitely seen major im­prove­ments through­out. This has not only enabled me to return to playing recre­ational sports, but to stay active with my two young children. I have become a big believer in Chir­o­prac­tic care & would recommend Athlete’s Care without any hesitation." - Navi Dhami

"Dr. Amrita is first and foremost very professional and friendly. When I met her, she took her time and asked me relevant questions pertaining to my injury. I subsequently saw her 4 more times, each time relieving the tension in my neck, loosen up the muscles. I am very happy that I had her treat my issue. I would most definitely go back and see her again" - Efia