Languages Spoken: English

Registered Physiotherapist
Level 3 Manual Therapy
Medical Acupuncture

Location: Liberty Village


Brian is the clinic director of our Liberty Village location, and has been a practicing therapist here since 2015. A graduate of the University of Toronto physical therapy program, Brian?s focus is to get to the bottom of what is going on with your body, as most often the pain we feel in certain areas is actually caused by another underlying issue somewhere else in our movement chain.

He has extensive knowledge of orthopedic conditions and treatment techniques, drawn from his years of experience as well as his post-graduate training in manual therapy, acupuncture, and exercise methods. He provides care to a range of clients in terms of age and functional ability, but approaches each case with a similar mindset - he wants to get you back to doing what you want to do. His services have also led him to work with high level athletes, most notably as the covering team physiotherapist for Hockey Canada?s Men?s Para Hockey team.

Brian has had to rehab his own rash of injuries - the shoulder, low back and ankles took a beating from years of playing baseball, volleyball, and running track. He understands the injury process and the importance of rehab in getting people back to their activities, while also working to prevent future injury occurrences.

Outside of the clinic, you can find Brian either at the gym, or still playing baseball and volleyball.