Languages Spoken: English, Punjabi

Registered Physiotherapist

Location: Adelaide & York


Jeevan achieved her Master of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto after completing her Bachelor of Science in Behaviour, Cognition and Neuroscience at the University of Windsor. Jeevan's journey into physiotherapy started with her passion for promoting healthy lifestyles and assisting others in reaching their maximum physical potential.

Jeevan has worked with a diverse range of individuals, from athletes who have endured sports-related injuries to elderly individuals who are seeking to enhance their quality of life. In all contexts, Jeevan uses a holistic approach that involves working collaboratively with clients to develop a plan that addresses their concerns and optimizes their well-being. Through the use of manual techniques, individualized exercise prescription and education, Jeevan empowers clients and provides them with the tools to be active participants in their rehab journey.

Outside of the clinic, Jeevan enjoys staying active and participating in team sports ? although, she definitely wishes she was a lot better at them! Aside from that, she loves exploring the city and finding new cafes to try.