Languages Spoken: English

Registered Physiotherapist
Neurofunctional Acupuncture Practitioner
Senior Associate

Location: Leaside


Nastassia is an advanced neurofunctional acupuncture practitioner and a registered physiotherapist extensively trained in orthopaedics, neuro, and paediatrics.

She completed her Master's of Physiotherapy at Queen's University in 2017, where she realized she finds satisfaction in working with individuals of varying abilities to achieve new heights in function.

Nastassia applies her training through the McMaster Medical Contemporary Main & Advanced programs, to adults and children.

She has specific knowledge and experience working with patients with sports injuries, cerebral palsy, hypermobility, and neurodevelopmental conditions (ADHD/ASD). She is also a paediatric pelvic floor physiotherapist that can manage concerns like bedwetting, daytime leaking and constipation in children.

Her paediatric education includes Primitive Reflex Integration, the Therasuit Method, Task Specific Electrical Stimulation (FES/NMES), Dynamic Core, and Paediatric Pelvic Floor.

Nastassia always offer her full attention, critical thinking, and calm, empathetic personality to facilitate an easy road to identifying factors necessary for recovery. She strives to be among the most proficient and meticulous of her profession, dedicated to ongoing learning. Nastassia hopes to empower and inspire her patients to develop the same curiosity, awareness, and care of their bodies.

Nastassia stays active through dance training in afro-fusion, dancehall and Muay thai. She enjoys the benefits of strength training and walking her dogs.