Languages Spoken: English, Korean

Registered Physiotherapist

Location: Ottawa, Merivale


Sophia is a licensed health care professional in three different countries: Canada, the U.S.A and South Korea. Sophia believes that her broad range of experience and knowledge gained within the fields of Physiotherapy and Athletic Training in Sports Medicine both in the hospital and clinic settings and on-the-field athletic settings will provide optimal patient care for the client. She has treated many different clients in different settings, both orthopedic and neurological cases.

Sophia graduated from Yonsei University in Physical Education and then earned her 2nd degree from Yonsei University in Physical Therapy. To pursue a career in Orthopedic physiotherapy and Sports Medicine, Sophia decided to continue her education at the University of Miami in Florida. Miami is a private university known for sports and athletes especially the Miami football Hurricanes. Sophia had a great experience working with the athletes in many different sports such as football, men's and women's track and field, cross country, men's and women's tennis, swimming, diving, basketball and women's soccer.

She successfully completed the U.S National Board Exam administered by NATA and worked at a private physiotherapy clinic in Boynton Beach after getting certified. While working at the clinic, Sophia continued to expand her knowledge, focusing on Evidence Based Practice by attending a post-professional Doctor of Physical Therapy program at ATSU's School of Health Science. Sophia also worked at a sports medicine centre at a general hospital for nearly 5 years. She focused on orthopedic manual therapy, sling therapy, Isokinetic assessment and exercise along with balance assessment before moving to the Spine and Joint Rehab Centre, where she mostly treated post operative patients.

Sophia strongly believes that personalized and client-centered treatment is the key to a successful patient outcome, and believes that the multidisciplinary team approach is vital to provide an optimal patient care experience. Sophia enjoys being active and living a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys ballet, yoga, pilates, and hiking.