Languages Spoken: English

Registered Physiotherapist
Manual Therapy Level 3 Lower & Level 2 Upper
Neurofunctional Acupuncture

Location: Liberty Village


After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology degree from Western University, Taylor completed the Master of Science in Physical Therapy program from the University of Toronto in the fall of 2020.

As a patient-centred physiotherapist, Taylor works closely with each of his patients to provide an individualized approach that will assist them in reaching their goals, whatever they may be. He incorporates a combination of exercise prescription, patient education, manual therapy, and neurofunctional acupuncture into his treatment plan depending on what the patient in front of him will benefit from the most.

Growing up, Taylor enjoyed competing in a variety of sports with his primary sport certainly being basketball. More recently, he has picked up squash and bouldering as new ways to stay active. His engagement with sport and movement throughout his life has shown him firsthand the importance of physical activity for the maintenance of both physical and mental health. This experience has made Taylor passionate about working with patients of all levels of athletic ability so that they can continue doing the activities that are meaningful to them.

Taylor has completed the Level 3 Lower and Level 2 Upper courses of the Orthopaedic Division?s Advanced Integrated Musculoskeletal (AIM) Program. He has also completed training in acupuncture through McMaster University?s Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program and Acupuncture Canada?s Foundations of Anatomical Acupuncture (AA1) Course.