Languages Spoken: English, Tamil

Registered Physiotherapist
Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

Location: EtobicokeAdelaide & York


Ushwin completed his Master's of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto after earning an Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at McMaster University.

His journey into physiotherapy began during his undergraduate studies when a misdiagnosed sports injury and an ACL tear ignited his passion for the field. He understands firsthand how it felt to be a patient, which has fueled his empathy and determination to help others overcome similar challenges. He aims to deliver compassionate care and employ a comprehensive approach that integrates education, exercise, and manual therapy to enhance functionality and reduce the risk of injury, allowing individuals to re-engage in activities meaningful to them.

Beyond clinical work, Ushwin has spent the past two years as an Orangetheory Coach, developing his ability to address biomechanical imbalances and provide alternatives to make fitness accessible to all. Additionally, he honed his skills in on-the-spot injury assessment and care with the McMaster Sports Medicine program where he worked with university level varsity athletes in football, tennis and soccer to provide therapy and delivered emergency sideline athletic therapy prior to games and practices.

Looking ahead, Ushwin is enthusiastic about advancing his education in acupuncture and vestibular health. He has already achieved Level 1 AIM certification through the orthopaedic division of the CPA and has plans to pursue additional levels of manual therapy in the coming years. Outside of his professional roles, Ushwin leads an active and creative lifestyle, whether on the volleyball court, soccer field, or dance floor, embracing every opportunity for a balanced and active life.