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Concussion Management

We are dedicated to providing a high standard of care for athletes (and non-athletes) alike, who are experiencing ongoing concussion symptoms.

Managing a concussion in an individualized manner and with evidence-based techniques is the best way to get patients back to sport, academics, or employment activities safely.  Athlete’s Care is able to provide a seamless and collaborative approach to assessing and managing each athlete, tailoring rehabilitative strategies to the individual needs of the patient.

Concussion management services and strategies employed at Athlete’s Care include a combination of the following:

 • Individualized Resting strategies and instruction for home care/activity restriction

 • Modificationof academic and/or employment demands (“return-to-learn programming”

 • Neurocognitive (ImPACT reassessment)

 • Physical Therapy for associated complaints

 • Rehabilitation balance, coordination, and vestibular-based impairments

 • Visual Coordination Screening and oculomotor-based rehabilitation techniques

 • Referral for specialized Optometric assessment where warranted (complex cases)

 • Exertion/Exercise Testing in preparation for return-to-play

 • Therapeutic Services (Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Massage, etc).

Should one of your patients sustain a concussive injury, our team will work together to manage the injury and remain in close communication with you, the referring Physician.  Assessments with a sports medicine physician are covered by OHIP, other services are covered under most extended healthcare benefit plans. 

We look forward to working together with you to co-manage your patients, providing the most complete care for concussion patients.

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Guide to Mangement for Concussion Patients

4 Characteristics of a Good Concussion Clinic
A document of the Canadian Concussion Collaborative (CCC) First edition, July 2017

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