Office Ergonomics

Highlights from the Webinar: Office Ergonomics, with Certified Ergonomist, Farzana Ismail. In this webinar, Farzana will guide you on achieving a proper ergonomic posture regardless of your current workstation set up.

  • Tips for improving your working posture
  • Buying a new chair? Features you should look for.
  • Tips for making the dining table work for you.
  • Are all sit/stand workstations good?
  • Setting up your workstation if you wear progressive lenses
  • Working from the laptop only? Why you absolutely shouldn’t use the laptop as is.

Farzana is a Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist (CCPE). She provides ergonomics services for Office, Industrial and Service environments including: Ergonomics Risk Assessments (in-person / virtual), Physical Demands Analyses (PDAs), and Ergonomics Training sessions and webinars.

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