3 Important Tips for Your Mental Health & Wellness

By Athlete's Care on April 23, 2020

Mental Health & Wellness


1. Take time for yourself - it is very common that people may perceive this as being selfish, it is not!

The only way to help yourself and others is to be well, depends on how you want to get to the finish line... limping or finishing strong!

2. Set short term (daily and weekly) goals - many mental health supporters recommend a routine.

One of the reasons for this, is so that you can continue to attain goals you have set out.   Voila, satisfaction! Anxiety tends to pull us to the future, that is unknown. Ground yourself, and make a conscious effort to bring your focus to the present. 

3. Check in with others - physical distancing from colleagues, friends and family may be difficult as these have been your supports.

Listen, especially if they are concerned about you, as their intentions are positive and inline with your wellness!
Everyone has ups and downs, even Superman/Superwoman!!!  The strong, aware, and who have integrity ask for help when they think they may need it!

Dr. David Harel is a Psychiatrist practicing in Sports Psychiatry.  He is available for consultations regarding mental health issues ranging from depressive and anxious symptoms, ADHD and post concussive symptoms.  Click the link below to book an online appointment with Dr. Harel.