Improve your golf swing this Spring

By Athlete's Care on May 01, 2013

While we say good-bye to our skis, skates and snowboards we warmly welcome spring and prepare to enjoy outdoor sports. No matter what age you are, golf is a sport most people enjoy competitively or leisurely. What some of us don't realize is that the golf swing is a highly skilled athletic activity that requires an enormous amount of force production from a stand still position. So before you dust off those golf clubs you want to ensure that your body is ready for this highly skilled athletic task. You may have been playing through that nagging pain in your shoulder or low back or you just can't properly identify the reason for that golf slice that haunts you every time you take to the green.  Read more....

At Athelte's Care, NG360 Specialists are happy to work with you one on one or with your golf professional.  If you are a high level golfer or a leisure golfer looking to have a pain free season and enrich your swing, book an appointment today with Laura Longo our NG360 Performance Specialist.

For more information contact Laura at:
Athlete's Care Yonge & Sheppard
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