Improving core stability - why is it so important?

By Athlete's Care on October 25, 2016

Core strength is something our Toronto physiotherapy and sports medicine specialists often emphasize in many different cases and situations. Why is it so important, in so many ways?

Beach season may be over but there's a lot more to core strength than having a beach ready body. Sure, it helps you look great, but building core strength will help your general health and has many other benefits too. The core muscles have three dimensional depth and they move in all three planes. When you strengthen your deep core muscles, your overall fitness will improve. Most movements of the body – even when legs and arms are involved – begin with the core and are stabilized by the core.

Core stability comes before strength. When you work with your core muscles, you're developing the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen, and those areas will be able to move in a fluid and balanced way. Perhaps best of all, you don't need special equipment to work the core muscles. Our Toronto physiotherapists can devise exercises that are tailored to your fitness levels and goals.

Here are some of the other benefits.

  • Preventing injury – strengthening the muscles of the torso builds stability in your core. Injuries often come from awkward or unbalanced movements. With strong core muscles, you can help to avoid injuries.
  • The muscles of the torso attach to the spine and protect internal organs. A strong torso protects the inner organs and spine, including important parts of your circulatory system.
  • A weak core places undue stress on your spine. It means that the only thing holding your posture together is the spine itself.
  • Sometimes, a weak core comes about because the back muscles are over developed. Working on the core muscles brings the body back into balance.
  • Your posture will improve, and that has more than just physical benefits. A strong, straight posture looks confident and helps the image you project to the world.
  • A strong core will help with balance, as it works to stabilize the body. You'll find it easier to perform most actions - truth! It will be easier to reach, bend and twist. You'll be better at any sports you play.

Our Toronto physiotherapy and chiropractic professionals can help you achieve your core strength and stability goals, and provide advice on how it can affect and benefit your condition or your sport. Give one of our Toronto clinics a call today to set up your evaluation.