Do you suffer from pain in the low back/hip region that is worsened by running, jumping, or prolonged sitting? The joint at fault may be your sacroilliac joint!

Sometimes, we refer to the condition as sacroilliac joint dysfunction. In our bodies, we have two sacroilliac joints; one on each side. The problem is, one side might move too much, or, one side may move too little, therefore causing pain. Often times, there is a muscular imbalance contributing to the issue; some muscles are too tight and others are too weak.

Here, our Registered Physiotherapist Caroline Thong from Athlete's Care Oakville, is hard at work assessing and treating Joe. She is using a combination of manual therapy, stretching, and strengthening exercises to get Joe back to running and playing soccer without pain. In the pictures below, she is helping Joe by releasing the internal and external rotators of the hip, stretching out the quadratus lumborum, and teaching a core strengthening exercise. These are just a few of things she is doing to help Joe get back in the game! 

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