Concussion in Soccer

By Athlete's Care on June 01, 2021

Soccer is not a sport that is traditionally identified as high risk for concussions yet, several studies have shown that the rates of concussion in soccer are comparable to and in some cases, exceed those of other contact sports. About 22% of all injuries in soccer are concussion related.

It is vital that these players have a stepwise return-to-play protocol to ensure their safe return to the pitch.
This safe return includes proper assessment and diagnosis in the early stages, treatment for the whiplash associated with the concussion as well as activity modifications to allow for active rest.
Current literature states that complete and total rest is no longer advisable, in fact, the quicker the patient can return to some form of active rehab the better the outcomes are for that patient.
Concussions typically resolve within 2 to 4 weeks. If the concussion is not resolving past one month, a multidisciplinary approach should be employed. Seeking out a Doctor who specializes in concussions along with a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, chiropractor and in some cases a psychologist can be extraordinarily beneficial.
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Blog contribution by Registered Physiotherapist, Vanessa Foucher.  Vanessa has spent much of her career in elite professional sport specializing in return-to-sport rehabilitation at several clinics in both Canada and the UK, most notably with Chelsea Football Club as an Academy Physiotherapist. Having been a competitive athlete herself for 17 years focusing in middle distance swimming and synchronized swimming, Vanessa has a unique understanding of top level sport and its demands.

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