Lost your mojo? Here are tips to stay motivated

By Athlete's Care on May 01, 2020

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So...your race got cancelled and you've lost your mojo...
A few tips to stay motivated:
  • Remember why you run! Is it for stress release (endorphins - anyone?) or to challenge yourself physically?
  • Work on the things you’ve always wanted to get to, but never did because of “time”. Perhaps incorporating more focused lower body strength training or mobility work into your weekly routine.
  • Goals! With races being cancelled, write down a new goal you want to accomplish and get to work.
  • Do a virtual race or time trial. Challenge yourself and keep it exciting and a little scary!
  • Follow a new training plan. Don’t have one? We can help!
If you are reading this and are interested in learning more about running and rehab, resolving that nagging running injury, or how to become the best runner you can be, reach out to our expert running physio Nate Tsang @torunningphysio or book a Virtual Care session using the link below.