Flavoured Tea

By Athlete's Care on July 23, 2013


Think flavoured teas are only for cold nights and cuddling up with a good book? Think again! Stay hydrated this summer with cold brewed flavoured teas. To make a pitcher for your next party chose your favourite flavoured tea, add 3-4 tea bags (or to taste) to a pitcher of cold water, leave the tea bags in the pitcher overnight.  In the morning your iced tea will be ready to go. Add ice cubes and/or frozen fruit. Once you serve this to your guests, they may never leave!

Not sure what teas to use? Try orange, lemon, ginger, pomegranate,  raspberry or even chai.  Why not mix flavours to make a new favourite?

Forgot to make it the night before? Not to worry. Fill the pitcher with half hot water (make sure it can handle hot water). Let it cool and add ice cubes to fill the pitcher. 

Article written by Athlete's Care Nutritionist Maxine Silberg.