5 Tips to Adding More Physical Activity to Your Day

By Athlete's Care on August 16, 2017

Toronto Physiotherapy 

Aside from the rigors of sports or specific rehabilitative physical training, our Toronto physiotherapy and sports medicine experts encourage anyone to participate in as much physical activity as they can during the course of a regular day. The benefits of cumulative, consistent physical activity over time have been documented by research studies. The longer you exercise, consistently, over the years, the more mobile and fit you will be in middle and old age. That's important.

Just Do It

It doesn’t matter what your current level of fitness is. You will benefit from every 15-minute block of physical activity you add to your day. That comes from solid research. With improved fitness levels comes the reduced risk of lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Now, it’s understood that any physical exercise program should be approved by your medical practitioner, but for most people, adding some walking or stair climbing shouldn’t pose any concerns. If you do have questions about physical activity and your own individual needs, our Toronto physiotherapists are ready with advice and suggestions on how much and what types of activities to emphasize in your case.

At Home

  • Do you have exercise equipment that’s gathering dust? Next time you Netflix and chill, take a half hour or so out of the chilling part and pedal or row while you watch.
  • Go old school – using a push mower is not only environmentally friendly, it’s the kind of moderately vigorous exercise where a mere 15 minutes can bring fitness benefits.

At Work

  • If you have a choice where to park, it can be an ideal way of adding 10 minutes or more of exercise to your day, five days a week. Simply park at a distance of at least a brisk, 10 minute walk and then you’ll already have 20 minutes of exercise under your belt by the time you get home from work. Be sure to bring good walking shoes!
  • Add another moderately vigorous 10 minute walk at lunch time, and you’ll notice the boost in energy levels over the afternoon, along with fitness, over time. Meet in person when you can rather than electronically, when it’s within walking distance.

On The Go

  • Park farther away. When you go to work, grocery shopping, out to the shopping mall, park about ten minutes’ walk from your destination. Now, cover that ground in a brisk walk and you’re already one-third of the way towards your daily 30 minute goal.

Our Toronto physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other medical professionals are ready to give you any advice you may need on your current physical condition and fitness needs, along with giving suggestions as to the specific exercises that would benefit you most. Don’t hesitate to call or come by one of our Toronto clinics today to make an appointment.