Ready to hit the greens? Golf Series: Hip Mobility

By Athlete's Care on May 15, 2020

As the province begins ensuring the golf courses are ready for this upcoming golf season it’s a vital time golfers begin preparing their bodies to avoid injury. Are your hips ready for the day our golf courses open ?  
Your hips are the powerhouse of a golf swing . Many injuries can occur because of poor three dimensional motion (mobility)  and balance (stability) in your hips.  

The first set of pictures demonstrates a quick and easy three dimensional  hip mobility and stability exercises for the left hip in the backswing .  

  • Firstly step backward to creat hip flexion in the left hip then progress to quick toe taps to create stability. 

  • Secondly step sideways and then through the motion and add toe tap to create stability .

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  • Lastly take a small rotation lunge to create internal rotation through the hip and follow it up with a toe tap.  

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In the second video of the Hip mobility sequence we look at the affects of creating power and a buffer through the hips during impact.

  • Position your self in the impact position and use a weight or ball to quickly move through impact using a variety of foot positions.
Toronto Physiotherapy  Toronto Physiotherapy
In this example a narrow stance followed by right left forward, then left leg forward was taken then repeated in a wide stance position. 
Play around with different angles off the grass, and speed and weight . 

In our last sequence of hip mobility we focus on the importance of the Follow Through or Finish. Often times strength and mobility in this finishing position is neglected because contact has already been made . 


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Creating a buffer in the finish position plays a vital role in minimizing low back pain , knee pain and should pain .   
Stay tuned for Series 2 Thoracic spine Mobility and Stability Exercises

Laura Longo is a Registered Physiotherapist practicing at our Athlete's Care Yonge & Sheppard, Empress Walk location.  Laura has completed the Nike Golf Performance Certification by the Gray Institute previously known as (NG360) through which she will be able to dynamically assess the biomechanics of your swing and design a specific exercise program to suit your individual needs.


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