Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in the recovery process from injuries, serving as a cornerstone in the rehabilitation of patients. It primarily focuses on alleviating pain, restoring movement, and enhancing function, which collectively improve the quality of life for patients. Through a variety of techniques such as manual therapy, exercises, and other modalities, physiotherapy can help to reduce swelling, ease pain, and aid in the repair of damaged tissue. It also educates patients on proper body mechanics and movement patterns to prevent future injuries.

For those patients looking to thrive once their therapy is complete the next step is strength training. Strength training after physiotherapy ensures that the gains in mobility and pain reduction are not temporary. It helps translate the functional improvements made during physiotherapy into lasting changes, allowing for a return to daily activities and beyond with greater ease and less risk of re-injury.

Two key benefits of strength training include:

  • enhancing joint health by strengthening the muscles around your joints, thereby improving joint stability and reducing the likelihood of future injuries

  • refines motor skills, enhancing balance and coordination, which is vital in all activities - from taking your dog for a walk to playing your favourite sport

For those who wish to not only recover but also thrive, making strength training a part of their post-rehabilitation regimen is indispensable.

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Article provided by RMT and Certified Personal Trainer, Ian ParonIan knows the importance of maintaining muscle and strength and the vital role they play in both performance and quality of life. Ian shares his passion for strength training with everyone from competitive athletes looking to prevent injury or increase their performance, to retired grandparents wanting to be able to continue to play with their grandchildren.

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