March is Nutrition Month

By Athlete's Care on March 07, 2018

Nutrition Month

Happy Nutrition Month!  Let's discover the potential of food!

  1. Food has the potential to FUEL! Sports dietitians work hard to ensure athletes are consistently nourished throughout their day and are getting their macro needs met to prepare for their next game/competition. In addition, food has the potential to fuel through snacking! Many Canadians are skipping meals due to being too busy. It’s important to include healthy snacks between meals (1 apple, 1 banana, carrots with hummus, nuts/seeds, etc).

  2. Food has the potential to DISCOVER! Dietitians can help children develop healthy eating habits by encouraging parents to bring their kids grocery shopping with them, and letting them join in on food preparation activities. Allowing kids to join in these food-related activities may prevent them from becoming picky eaters as well. Dietitians help with this discovery of food by working in nutrition programs for kids and parents.

  3. Food has the potential to PREVENT! Dietitians are heavily informed when it comes to preventing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. What we eat is a lifestyle factor that can help prevent illnesses. Dietitians prevent chronic diseases by promoting healthy and balanced diets (i.e. Mediterranean Diet). Dietitians look beyond fads and gimmicks in order to deliver reliable, and evidence-based information.

  4. Food has the potential to HEAL. Nutrition can be used to manage certain health conditions. Dietitians are part of a hospital's strong health care team to ensure that they deliver the best care to patients. They help reduce the severity of side effects from cancer treatments. They help patients who undergo dialysis, as well as those who have problems with eating and swallowing.

  5. Food has the potential to BRING US TOGETHER! Canadians aren’t eating enough with people and sharing meals with others due to busy schedules. It’s recommended by dietitians to take some time out of your busy week to gather with friends/family and have dinner/lunch. Cook with someone, or have a dinner party and cook for your friends and family.

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