Concussion Recovery Tips

By Athlete's Care on March 12, 2024

Being diagnosed with a concussion can be overwhelming. The recovery process is different from any other musculoskeletal injury, and management should be appropriately guided by a trained healthcare provider.

Concussions rehabilitation has changed drastically in the past few years. Gone are the days when your physician would recommend resting in a dark room for several days following a concussion. 

So whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, or neither of these, here are a few tips to help you get out of the concussion slump:

  1. Sleep
    Sleep is all encompassing. Getting a sufficient quantity and quality of sleep is crucial for concussion recovery, and also important for any injury recovery. Sleeping at the same time each night releases a burst of growth hormone, which is essential in healing our tissues, especially the brain.

  2. Exercise
    When appropriate, a healthcare provider can guide you regarding when and how to exercise after a concussion. Research has shown that youth athletes recover faster from concussions after incorporating cardiovascular exercise as a part of their rehab program. 

  3. Nutrition
    We all know eating well is important for overall health. However, it is essential for optimal concussion recovery. Eating a balanced diet at regular intervals positively impacts sleep, mood, and energy levels following a concussion.

  4. Do not drink the coffee! 
    Well, you can, however, aim to have just one cup per day and limit this to the morning hours. Instead, choose the best drink out there for concussion rehabilitation. It’s not fancy or expensive, but will ensure your body’s tissues are getting the nutrients they need, when they need them. You guessed it, it’s our dear friend, water! Sip away, throughout the day.

  5. Seek professional guidance to manage prolonged symptoms
    Much like injuries, all concussions are not the same. The first step to appropriate treatment is to have your concussion diagnosed by a medical doctor. An individualized approach to treatment may be required for concussion symptoms lasting longer than 2 weeks in adults and longer than 1 month for kids.

Concussion recovery can be stressful, yet it can be simplified. At Athlete’s Care, we can help get you back to feeling more like, well, you!

Article by Chiropractor,  Active Release Techniques (ART)® and Medical Acupuncture Provide, Dr. Amrita Pinto. Dr. Pinto follows the Functional Integrated Therapy (FIT) approach when treating her patients, and incorporates a variety of techniques such as Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, joint manipulation, ART®, Graston techniques and kinesiotaping techniques. She acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual and their injury, and guides her therapy likewise. Her goals are to decrease pain, maximize function and increase the overall wellbeing of her patients.