Series 2 - Get Golf Ready: Thoracic Mobility

By Athlete's Care on May 15, 2020

Thoracic spine mobility prep in each phase of the golf swing is addressed.  The next powerhouse of the golf swing coming with appropriate mobility through the thoracic spine.  
These days we find ourselves siting whether it be on our couch or at your computer.  This can create a restricted thoracic spine and create  havoc on your swing .  
Mobility through thoracic spine plays a vital role in creating a second buffer to your swing . 
The following video will demonstrate a quick Golf specific  three dimensinal functional  mobility exercise that addresses key positions during the golf swing .
 #1 Address
 #2 The Backswing
 #3 Impact and
 #4 Follow through /Finish positions

Laura Longo is a Registered Physiotherapist practicing at our Athlete's Care Yonge & Sheppard, Empress Walk location.  Laura has completed the Nike Golf Performance Certification by the Gray Institute previously known as (NG360) through which she will be able to dynamically assess the biomechanics of your swing and design a specific exercise program to suit your individual needs.


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